We Know Our Onions

Series 6 - Episode 4 We Know Our Onions



If you’re wondering why almost none of this episode was recorded on video – even the interior scenes – a studio strike in 1973 meant it had to be shot on location with 16mm film. It’s a needs-must approach that’s appropriate to both the series and the episode. Because when the Home Guard takes an efficiency test, they need all their wits (ahem!) to overcome the bullying supervisor (Fulton Mackay in the same year he made his Porridge debut). 

Anyone who’s endured the nonsense of role-playing seminars at work will cheer Wilson’s dismissive air, while the way Godfrey turns an anti-tank artillery piece into a chintzy armchair is a sight to behold.


Captain Mainwaring and his platoon take part in a gruelling efficiency test in a bid to prove their worth, but end up mistakenly attacking a tea lady with onions from Jones's van. Classic comedy first shown in 1973, guest starring Fulton Mackay (Porridge).

Cast & Crew

Capt Mainwaring Arthur Lowe
Sgt Wilson John Le Mesurier
Cpl Jones Clive Dunn
Pte Frazer John Laurie
Pte Walker James Beck
Pte Godfrey Arnold Ridley
Pte Pike Ian Lavender
ARP Warden Hodges Bill Pertwee
Capt Ramsey Fulton Mackay
Producer David Croft
Writer Jimmy Perry
Writer David Croft
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