Stargate Atlantis

Enemy at the Gate

Series 5 - Episode 20 Enemy at the Gate



The 100th and final episode of the sci-fi series. Todd informs Atlantis that a group of Wraith has several ZPMs in its possession to use to power a new superhive. When the crew reaches the hive, it does significant damage to the Daedalus and jumps into hyperspace - and the team discovers that the ship is heading to Earth.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col John Sheppard Joe Flanigan
Teyla Emmagan Rachel Luttrell
Ronon Dex Jason Momoa
Dr Jennifer Keller Jewel Staite
Richard Woolsey Robert Picardo
Dr Rodney McKay David Hewlett
Todd Christopher Heyerdahl
Col Steven Caldwell Mitch Pileggi
Dr Radek Zelenka David Nykl
Maj Evan Lorne Kavan Smith
Col Samantha Carter Amanda Tapping
Director Andy Mikita
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