Stargate Atlantis


Series 5 - Episode 17 Infection



Sheppard and the crew encounter a seemingly abandoned Wraith vessel and decide to investigate. They board the ship accompanied by Major Lorne and his men, but quickly discover all is not as it seems, and the mission begins to reveal far more about their foes than any of them could have expected. Meanwhile, Keller is challenged to expand her knowledge of Wraith physiology.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col John Sheppard Joe Flanigan
Teyla Emmagan Rachel Luttrell
Ronon Dex Jason Momoa
Dr Jennifer Keller Jewel Staite
Dr Rodney McKay David Hewlett
Dr Elizabeth Weir Torri Higginson
Maj Evan Lorne Kavan Smith
Amelia Banks Sharon Taylor
Richard Woolsey Robert Picardo
Director Andy Mikita
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