The Inspiration

Series 9 - Episode 1 The Inspiration



With each passing series, this serial-killer drama gets increasingly nuts. It’s still scary, but there’s a creeping feeling that the bad guys are being sourced from Thomas Harris’s discard pile or Patricia Cornwell’s recycling bin. In this episode, for instance, we have a murderer who slashes with a meat cleaver and makes his female victims eat human body parts before leaving them posed in a prayer position. Of course, our hardy profilers figure out his modus operandi within the hour, but not before we get the obligatory scene featuring a woman emerging from a shower, hearing a suspicious noise, tremulously whispering “Hello?” and being set upon. Murder, She Wrote this ain’t. David Brown


Following the sudden death of BAU Section Chief Erin Strauss, there's an air of uncertainty among the team, with Hotch tipped to take her place. However, before a decision is made, there's a case in need of immediate attention - the bodies of two women have been found in Arizona, both shot in the heart and made to look like they are praying.

Cast & Crew

David Rossi Joe Mantegna
Derek Morgan Shemar Moore
Dr Spencer Reid Matthew Gray Gubler
Jennifer `JJ' Jareau AJ Cook
Penelope Garcia Kirsten Vangsness
Alex Blake Jeanne Tripplehorn
Aaron Hotchner Thomas Gibson
Carla Hines Camryn Manheim
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