Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Tagger

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Tagger



The frosty relationship between precinct captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and his talented, juvenile detective Peralta (Andy Samberg) shows no sign of thawing as the frivolous cop comedy continues. This week, Holt babysits Peralta on an undercover mission to catch a vandal spray-painting genitalia on police cars — but when they do catch the culprit, he turns out to have a rather powerful father.

Sketch-show veteran Samberg is a natural at portraying Peralta’s irreverence, while Braugher displays a rare talent for being both fearsome and deadpan funny. There’s also a subplot involving a psychic, some cocaine and dweebish Boyle’s unrequited love for tough girl Rosa — will he ever learn?


Jake is assigned to a minor graffiti case by Captain Holt as punishment for turning up late for work, but the investigation becomes a major headache when the vandal's identity is revealed. Meanwhile, Gina's psychic friend Carlene visits the precinct to help with a case, and upsets Charles with a prediction about his romantic life. American comedy, starring Andy Samberg.

Cast & Crew

Det Jake Peralta Andy Samberg
Det Rosa Diaz Stephanie Beatriz
Sgt Terry Jeffords Terry Crews
Det Amy Santiago Melissa Fumero
Det Charles Boyle Joe Lo Truglio
Gina Linetti Chelsea Peretti
Capt Ray Holt Andre Braugher
Hitchcock Dirk Blocker
Scully Joel McKinnon Miller
Cpt McGinley Mike Hagerty
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