Stargate Atlantis

Coup d'Etat

Series 2 - Episode 17 Coup d'Etat



Sheppard and the team investigate the disappearance of an expedition from Atlantis, but soon become embroiled in a Genii coup. Seeing that they have grown into a new menace, he realises their armistice may soon come to an end. Guest starring Star Trek: TNG's Colm Meaney.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col John Sheppard Joe Flanigan
Dr Elizabeth Weir Torri Higginson
Teyla Emmagan Rachel Luttrell
Ronon Dex Jason Momoa
Dr Carson Beckett Paul McGillion
Dr Rodney McKay David Hewlett
Ladon Radim Ryan Robbins
Maj Evan Lorne Kavan Smith
Cowen Colm Meaney
Dahlia Radim Sonja Bennett
Director Martin Wood
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