Jamie's Festive Feast

Jamie's Festive Feast


What with all his recent tips for saving money and time, Jamie Oliver has quietly become the chef who’s all about solutions. Here, the dishes are designed for the slow-moving post-Christmas days when most people's enthusiasm for frenzied kitchen activity is on the wane. In this scenario, you should be able to turn the oven on, waggle a few ingredients about and then walk away until it’s time to eat. To this end, Jamie cooks one-pot beef drowned in Bloody Mary, and a tray-bake take on Keralan fish curry.

There’s also an oozy pasta that’ll give the last bits of the cheeseboard a dignified end, and, if you’ve invited people round without thinking the party food through, consider Jamie’s “posh” pork kebabs. Or crisps, obviously.


Jamie Oliver prepares a variety of dishes that are ideal for lazy winter days, from simple one-pot wonders like bloody Mary beef to winter warmers such as oozy cheesy pasta. Also on the menu are breakfast waffles with hot chocolate and fiesta tacos. Plus, ideas for party meals, from posh pork kebabs to Keralan fish curry.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jamie Oliver
Director Chris Faith
Executive Producer Zoe Collins
Producer Sheena Cameron