The Shadow Line

The Shadow Line

Series 1 - Episode 7



Suave, dapper, cuff-shooting detective boss Patterson tells cop Jonah Gabriel: “It ends here.” It most certainly does, as we reach the final episode of Hugo Blick’s masterpiece.
I know it’s divided audiences, and I know some have found it slow to the point of madness, but I can’t hear a word against The Shadow Line. Not a word, I tell you.

Jonah (Chiwetel Ejiofor) has no idea whom he can trust as he repeats “around here no one is who they seem” to his sidekick, the brittle, loyal Lia Honey (Kierston Wareing). Now Jonah has opened up not so much a can of worms, but a whole supermarket aisle filled with cans of worms, he at last gets to the bottom of The Shadow Line mystery, and who exactly is behind the sinister Counterpoint.

“People aren’t bad just because they want to stroke a white cat,” says Gatehouse (the oh-so-memorable Stephen Rea, who has created one of the great TV monsters of all time). And there is so much badness that, when it’s all over, you will be left staring into space.


Bede tries to complete his final drug deal with Babur and Ratallack as Julie's condition rapidly deteriorates. Gabriel tracks down Penney and learns the truth about Counterpoint, before being drawn into a confrontation with Gatehouse. Conspiracy thriller, starring Christopher Eccleston, Lesley Sharp and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Cast & Crew

Jonah Gabriel Chiwetel Ejiofor
Joseph Bede Christopher Eccleston
Robert Beatty Sean Gilder
Patterson Richard Lintern
Gatehouse Stephen Rea
Julie Bede Lesley Sharp
Jay Wratten Rafe Spall
Bulkat Babur Stanley Townsend
Lia Honey Kierston Wareing
Petra Mayler Eve Best
Cdr Khokar Ace Bhatti
Ratallack Freddie Fox
Maurice Crace Malcolm Storry
Julie's doctor Badria Timimi
Cdr Penney Nicholas Jones
Sir Richard Halton Charles Kay
Sgt Foley David Schofield
Laura Gabriel Clare Calbraith
Richards Christopher Adamson
Forensic officer Nadine Marshall
Male reporter Martin Delaney
Female reporter Martha Cope
Director Hugo Blick
Producer Johann Knobel
Producer Hugo Blick
Writer Hugo Blick
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