Series 1 - Episode 2



The bizarre tale of Lord Lucan has grasped the British popular imagination in much the same way that the Great Train Robbery (BBC1) continues to exert a powerful hold. In the concluding episode of Jeff Pope’s drama, Lucan (excellent Rory Kinnear) is on the run after murdering his children’s nanny, Sandra Rivett, having mistaken her for his wife. Soon Lucan’s Clermont Club clan of friends and fellow gamblers meet to discuss how they should respond to events.

Led by John Aspinall (surely worth a drama in himself?), they close ranks, though one of their number, Dominic Elwes, feels the chill wind of ostracism when he steps out of line. Pope posits a theory as to what really happened to Lucan, which seems just as plausible as all the others that have swirled around since 1974.


Conclusion of Jeff Pope's two-part drama based on the life of flamboyant aristocrat Lord Lucan. With the body of nanny Sandra Rivett in the basement of his family home, Lucan attacks his wife Veronica, but she fights back and alerts the police. As the earl goes on the run, Aspinall calls together Lucan's cronies from the Clermont Club to establish the facts, and a national manhunt is launched for the fugitive. Veronica testifies against her husband to the authorities and the story quickly becomes a media sensation. Starring Rory Kinnear, with Christopher Eccleston, Catherine McCormack, Paul Freeman, Rupert Evans and Gemma Jones.

Cast & Crew

Lord Lucan Rory Kinnear
Lady Veronica Lucan Catherine McCormack
John Aspinall Christopher Eccleston
John Pearson Paul Freeman
Susie Maxwell-Scott Jane Lapotaire
Dowager Duchess of Lucan Gemma Jones
Dominic Elwes Rupert Evans
Bill Shand-Kydd Andrew Woodall
Christine Shand-Kydd Claudia Harrison
Jimmy Goldsmith Alistair Petrie
Younger Susie Maxwell-Scott Helen Bradbury
Ian Maxwell-Scott Alan Cox
DCS Roy Ranson Michael Gould
DCI Gerring Cavan Clerkin
James Fox Michael Marcus
Ulrich Aleksandar Mikic
Charlie Benson James Bradshaw
Dr Gavin Thurston John Warnaby
Eastham Julian Firth
Coles Miles Richardson
Melissa Lydia Leonard
George Leo Hart
Frances Mabel Watson
Whitehouse Roger Alborough
Sgt Donald Baker Robert Horwell
PC Beddick Aleksander Campbell
Albert Hensby Stephen Churchett
Ludovic Kennedy Tim Bentinck
Annabel Birley Annabel Mullion
Aspinall's butler Robin Hooper
Reporter Jason Langley
Lone reporter Rob Witcom
Director Adrian Shergold
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Chris Clough
Writer Jeff Pope
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