Series 2 - Episode 10 DC



Selina’s secretary Sue is one of the unsung heroes of this show – deliciously brutal in handling anyone looking for time in Selina’s diary. But tonight she’s on the wrong end of a put-down for once, as Amy’s boyfriend flames her with “Sue, don't talk to me that way. You’re the secretary to the vice-president. That’s like being Garfunkel’s roadie.”

It’s these serrated zingers that recent Veeps have been slightly short of. This week, any comedic shortfall is made up with zig-zag plotting, because it’s the season finale and with the president impeached, Selina’s moment may have come – or gone. Her pathetically devoted bag-man Gary, meanwhile, has a terrible dilemma: he must choose between his boss and his girlfriend.


Selina informs her staff she has decided not to run for a second term in the office she's grown to hate, prompting them to start looking for new jobs. When she discovers the president isn't going to seek re-election, Selina rounds up her team members and attempts to persuade them to stay with her and help her become America's first female head of state. Armando Iannucci's satire, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Cast & Crew

Selina Meyer Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Amy Brookheimer Anna Chlumsky
Gary Walsh Tony Hale
Dan Egan Reid Scott
Jonah Ryan Timothy Simons
Mike McLintock Matt Walsh
Sue Wilson Sufe Bradshaw
Kent Davison Gary Cole
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