The Tunnel

Series 1 - Episode 10



As if it isn’t enough that his son is missing, Karl (superbly played by Stephen Dillane) is subjected to the cruellest of treasure hunts this week as the Truth Teller continues to eke every last ounce of agony out of the man he holds single-handedly responsible for his family’s breakdown.

With Karl withdrawn from the investigation, it is left to Elise (Clémence Poésy) and her less than conventional methods to trace Adam before it’s too late. But The Tunnel has other ideas. After weeks of meticulous murders and cryptic communication, he’s determined to make his swan song as painful and public as possible. The result is a frantic, atmospheric climax that showcases Dillane and Poésy at their dysfunctional best.


After discovering Adam is missing, Karl and Elise receive GPS co-ordinates from the Truth Terrorist, but all they find is a dumped car and the lad's wristband. Karl finds it all too much to bear and resigns from the case, revealing to the team the reasons why his family is being targeted. However, he refuses to give up and takes the law into his own hands as he searches for Adam and his captor. Remake of Scandinavian crime thriller The Bridge, starring Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy. In English and French.

Cast & Crew

Karl Roebuck Stephen Dillane
Elise Wassermann Clemence Poesy
Adam Jack Lowden