The Lesser of Two Evils

Series 1 - Episode 6 The Lesser of Two Evils



Irish paramilitary leader Patrick McCann promises to give Tom information on a planned attack by Middle Eastern terrorists on a British nuclear power station - but not without a catch. In return for the tip-off, MI5 must allow McCann's group to go unwatched for 30 hours. Lorcan Cranitch guest stars, with Matthew Macfadyen, Peter Firth and Esther Hall.

Cast & Crew

Tom Quinn Matthew Macfadyen
Zoe Reynolds Keeley Hawes
Danny Hunter David Oyelowo
Harry Pearce Peter Firth
Tessa Phillips Jenny Agutter
Ellie Simm Esther Hall
Maisie Simm Heather Cave
Malcolm Wynn-Jones Hugh Simon
Colin Wells Rory MacGregor
Christine Dale Megan Dodds
Jed Kelley Graeme Mearns
Patrick McCann Lorcan Cranitch
Madge Linda Marlowe
New MI5 recruit Shivani Ghai
Registry queen Dinah Stabb
Old woman in the cottage Barbara Keogh
MI5 Director General Henry Goodman
DG Roger Hammond
Policeman Alistair Parker
Operator Joel Trill
Old geezer John Owens
Director Andy Wilson
Executive Producer Stephen Garrett
Executive Producer Gareth Neame
Producer Simon Crawford Collins
Writer Howard Brenton
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