Series 1 - Episode 1



Lord “Lucky” Lucan, a blandly handsome, impecunious professional gambler, remains at the heart of the most infamous of all British crime mysteries. After the murder of his children’s nanny Sandra Rivett on 7 November 1974, Lucan apparently vanished without trace and the British public’s fascination with his fate has never dimmed.

In Jeff Pope’s necessarily dry, flat and inexorable drama, a lavishly moustachioed Rory Kinnear adds another remarkable performance to his portfolio in the title role. He plays Lucan with a certain blankness, signalling a curious, unknowable man who, during a bitter custody battle for his three children after the collapse of his marriage, became poisoned by hatred of his wife Veronica (Catherine McCormack). 

We follow Lucan as he spirals from casual cruelty to planning her brutal killing, goaded by his gambling buddy, zoo owner John Aspinall (an extraordinary performance from Christopher Eccleston). 


First of a two-part drama written by Jeff Pope, based on the life of flamboyant aristocrat Lord Lucan. In 1974, with escalating gambling debts and his marriage collapsing, Lucan becomes obsessed with regaining custody of his children. On one fateful night in November that year, the youngsters' nanny Sandra Rivett is bludgeoned to death in the basement of the family home in London's Belgravia district - and the earl is never seen again. Starring Rory Kinnear, with Christopher Eccleston, Catherine McCormack, Michael Gambon, Paul Freeman, Rupert Evans, Gemma Jones and Leanne Best.

Cast & Crew

Lord Lucan Rory Kinnear
Lady Veronica Lucan Catherine McCormack
John Aspinall Christopher Eccleston
John Burke Michael Gambon
John Pearson Paul Freeman
Susie Maxwell-Scott Jane Lapotaire
Dowager Duchess of Lucan Gemma Jones
Dominic Elwes Rupert Evans
Sandra Rivett Leanne Best
Lady Osborne Ann Bell
Bill Shand-Kydd Andrew Woodall
Christine Shand-Kydd Claudia Harrison
Jimmy Goldsmith Alistair Petrie
Nanny Roberts Ruth McCabe
Younger Susie Maxwell-Scott Helen Bradbury
Ian Maxwell-Scott Alan Cox
Kiki Olivia Llewellyn
Younger John Burke Rufus Wright
Jane Aspinall Anna Walton
Coles Miles Richardson
Gleaves Tristram Wymark
Annabel Birley Annabel Mullion
Charlie Benson James Bradshaw
Frances Mabel Watson
George Leo Hart
Dr Flood Michael Mueller
Billy Glyn Grimstead
Ulrich Aleksandar Mikic
Doctor John Albasiny
Judge Stuart Organ
Director Adrian Shergold
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Producer Chris Clough
Writer Jeff Pope
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