The City That Never Sleeps

Series 4 - Episode 2 The City That Never Sleeps



There's a touch of the James Woods/Michael J Fox film The Hard Way in this episode, as straight-up NYPD cop Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is teamed with an A-list actor (Marc Blucas) researching his latest role, but the Hollywood hotshot has his own secrets that Danny somehow has to work around. Meanwhile Danny’s dad Frank (Tom Selleck) is finding that the crown is weighing heavily on his head as police commissioner. Will spot checks on the night shift win him friends or brickbats?

Another solid episode of the police procedural, even if it’s about as subtle as a flashing blue light: there’s even Springsteen’s We Take Care of Our Own playing in a bar at one point, just in case we haven’t registered the message…


Movie star Russell Berke is stabbed while shadowing Danny as research for his next role as a New York detective. Frank worries about the findings of a report revealing the rank and file don't feel any personal connection to their police commissioner and decides to make a surprise tour of the precincts to try to appear more personable. Starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg.

Cast & Crew

Frank Reagan Tom Selleck
Danny Reagan Donnie Wahlberg
Erin Reagan-Boyle Bridget Moynahan
Jamie Reagan Will Estes
Henry Reagan Len Cariou
Linda Reagan Amy Carlson
Nicky Reagan-Boyle Sami Gayle
Det Maria Baez Marisa Ramirez
Officer Edit Jenko Vanessa Ray
Russell Berke Marc Blucas
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