The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Game of Champions

Series 1 - Episode 8 Game of Champions



“It’s the game show where only the smartest survive,” booms the genial TV host. But his words stick in his throat when a handsome contestant (James Harvy) who had just beaten the very unpopular resident champion Simon Lo (Aljin Abella) is found dead in his dressing room. It’s an unusual case for the impulsive police surgeon (Craig McLachlan) but while both Superintendent Lawson (Joel Tobeck) and the programme’s sponsors believe that Simon is the culprit, Blake isn’t so sure. He turns to Jean, Mattie and Daniel to help him solve this baffling murder, getting them to role-play a whodunnit version of the quiz show – with a surprising answer.


When a contestant on a popular TV game show is electrocuted in his dressing room, Blake suspects foul play. Both Superintendent Lawson and the programme's sponsor believe the victim's opponent is the culprit, but Blake is convinced this conclusion has been reached through prejudice, and sets out to investigate further. Starring Craig McLachlan.

Cast & Crew

Dr Lucien Blake Craig McLachlan
Jean Beazley Nadine Garner
Constable Daniel Parks Rick Donald
Mattie O'Brien Cate Wolfe
Chief Supt Matthew Lawson Joel Tobeck
Executive Producer Christopher Gist
Executive Producer Carole Sklan
Executive Producer Tony Wright
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