Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

Series 8 - Episode 5 Should I Stay or Should I Go Now



It’s hard to acknowledge, but it’s obvious that The Royal’s time has come. This creaking episode limps from cliché to cliché, pausing frequently to take laboured, gasping breaths as its life slowly ebbs away.

Two hunky stunt motorcyclists visit Scarborough with the Wall of Death (hold that thought, you can see where this is going, can’t you?) and transfix the silly girls on St Aidan’s staff. Then there’s the cockney photographer snapping models on a very chilly-looking sea front, but one of the girls looks a bit peaky — what could be wrong?

Throw in one of Dr Ormerod’s trademark races against time and a little homily from Matron at the end and you have a classic Royal mixture. What a shame it’s so stale.


Timid new student nurse Faye Clark is faced with a trying first day when a model collapses after taking magic mushrooms. Lizzie falls for an injured motorcycle stuntman who is convinced he is destined to live fast and die young due to a hereditary condition - but Ormerod comes up with a different diagnosis. Lauren Drummond, Michelle Hardwick, James Daffern and Robert Daws star.

Cast & Crew

Student nurse Faye Clark Lauren Drummond
Lizzie Hopkirk Michelle Hardwick
Dr Ralph Ellis Neil McDermott
Dr Gordon Ormerod Robert Daws
Jean McAteer Glynis Barber
Sister Brigid Linda Armstrong
Matron Wendy Craig
Jack Bell Gareth Hale
Mr Rose Denis Lill
Nurse Carol Selby Diana May
Dr Jill Weatherill Amy Robbins
Alun Morris Andy Wear
Pam Fuller Rachel Mitchem
Cynthia Grant Anna Brewster
Thomas Palmer Danny Szam
Brian Hastings Travis Yates
Mrs Hastings Lorraine Cheshire
Jimmy B James Daffern
Marlon Barnet Paul Popplewell
Director Neil Adams
Producer Ken Horn
Writer Patrick Melanaphy
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