The Tunnel

Series 1 - Episode 8



As the horror of the Truth Teller’s final lesson continues to reverberate on both sides of the Channel, the investigation changes gear, dangerously blurring the lines between pursuers and the pursued. There’s also a new arrival in the form of Andrea, a predictably steely anti-terrorist officer who’s been drafted in to make arrests and ruffle feathers before “heads start rolling”.

It’s a shift in dynamic that prompts a noticeable change in Elise (Clémence Poésy). For starters, she enquires about Karl’s (Stephen Dillane) family. (“Did you have to write it on your hand to ask?” he teases). Then, just when we thought her romantic relationships were limited to mechanical dalliances with teenage boys, a rare insight into her personal life exposes a reassuring flicker of emotional vulnerability that has you (almost) warming to her.


A tense chase ends with the French secret service capturing prime suspect Fabien Vincent, but disaster strikes when he escapes and Elise subsequently disappears. Karl searches Danny's flat for personal links to the Truth Terrorist and discovers the journalist was harbouring a secret connecting him to the mysterious death of the family of an undercover policeman who the detective used to work with. Thriller, starring Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy. In English and French.

Cast & Crew

Elise Wassermann Clemence Poesy
Karl Roebuck Stephen Dillane
Adam Jack Lowden
Yacine Soufiane Guerrab
Laurent Delgado Dimitri Rataud
Laura Angel Coulby
John Sumner James Frain
Fabien Vincent Thierry Fremont
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