The Mystery of the Body in the Bog

The Mystery of the Body in the Bog


The discovery of a body, flattened, distorted and without its head, preserved in an Irish peat bog in 2011, really excited the archaeologists. Cashel Man lived 500 years before Tutankhamun, and is the oldest bog body ever to be found in Ireland. Like many other Iron Age corpses that have been found, Cashel Man died violently – his spine was broken in several places, probably by an axe – leading the experts to conclude he had been killed in a ritual sacrifice. The painstaking investigations into his origins are fascinating enough without the scenes of bearded men wrapped in blankets wandering around a windswept bog. That really is overkill.


An international team of experts assembles to investigate the discovery of a 4,000-year-old body found preserved in an Irish peat bog in Cashel, Co Tipperary. Led by Ned Kelly of the National Museum of Ireland, the archaeologists look at whether the find will help prove Ned's theory that these mummified corpses were once ancient kings, and what clues the cadavers found in the boglands of northern Europe can offer to explain the history of ritual murder. However, new scientific research suggests these deaths may be explained by prehistoric climate change.

Cast & Crew

Director Edward Hart
Executive Producer John Farren
Producer Edward Hart