Series 2 - Episode 6 Andrew



“I’m gonna be the sexiest woman ever to exude fiscal prudence,” declares Selina as she prepares to negotiate a federal budget deal at her daughter’s 21st-birthday party, while wearing a hot dress. A government shutdown is imminent unless Selina can close negotiations on cutting key spending programmes.

Remind you of recent headlines? Armando Iannucci’s ability to bake storylines that anticipate real-life crises (the episode aired in the US back in May) is as uncanny as it was on The Thick of It. Sadly, his ability here to keep the jokes flowing is less smooth: one for dedicated fans only.


Selina is forced to continue a budget meeting at her daughter's 21st birthday party, where Jonah fantasises about a Mrs Robinson-style liaison with the vice-president and Gary gets a little carried away at the thought of kissing her after accidentally calling her `sweetie' instead of `ma'am'. Meanwhile, Mike discusses Selina's role in the Uzbekistan hostage crisis with the press and her once-forgotten nickname Meyer the Liar comes back to haunt her.

Cast & Crew

Selina Meyer Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Amy Brookheimer Anna Chlumsky
Gary Walsh Tony Hale
Dan Egan Reid Scott
Jonah Ryan Timothy Simons
Mike McLintock Matt Walsh
Sue Wilson Sufe Bradshaw
Kent Davison Gary Cole
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