The Tunnel

Series 1 - Episode 6



Another week, another lesson in social hypocrisy from the murderous Truth Teller. This week he’s “campaigning” on behalf of convicted youths who he feels have been mistreated by the justice system – meticulously selecting innocent victims before phoning his robotic threats through to loathsome journalist Danny (Tom Bateman), who may be on the brink of getting his comeuppance.

Meanwhile, just when the Anglo-French working relationship is beginning to thaw, Karl (Stephen Dillane) makes an unwelcome discovery about Elise’s (Clémence Poésy) private life, resulting in a delightfully frosty car conversation that will leave you squirming on your sofa.


Anthony's body is discovered and reports of a disturbance at Suze Beaumont's flat lead Karl and Elise to the scene of the murder, where they find enough evidence to issue a warrant for Stephen's arrest. In Calais, the Truth Terrorist gives Yacine the chance to extract a confession from policeman Laurent Delgado and avenge his brother's death. Crime thriller, starring Stephen Dillane and Clemence Poesy. In English and French.

Cast & Crew

Karl Roebuck Stephen Dillane
Elise Wassermann Clemence Poesy
Suze Beaumont Keeley Hawes
Stephen Beaumont Joseph Mawle
Danny Hillier Tom Bateman
Adam Jack Lowden
Yacine Soufiane Guerrab
Laurent Delgado Dimitri Rataud
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