Mad Dogs: The Finale

Mad Dogs: The Finale

Series 4



When Rick, Baxter, Quinn and Woody flew home to Britain after escaping from their nightmarish situation in South Africa, they all agreed it was great to be back. For about five minutes. For various reasons they all want to go back to Cape Town despite clear instructions not to return.

Reunited in a beautiful and very secure house (some with their new girlfriends), all seems good. Then Rick finds a dead goat floating in the pool. It’s a joy to see Marc Warren, John Simm, Philip Glenister and Max Beesley together, but it’s time for closure now. And we get it in heart-stopping, turbo action spades in tomorrow’s final episode.


The lads' story comes full circle in these final two episodes. After the extended holiday from hell, Woody, Quinn, Rick and Baxter have made their way back to Britain, although being home is anything but sweet. Picking up where they left off is simply not an option and they feel depressed, directionless and out of place - especially at Baxter's daughter's wedding. Max Beesley, Philip Glenister, John Simm and Marc Warren star.

Cast & Crew

Woody Max Beesley
Quinn Philip Glenister
Baxter John Simm
Rick Marc Warren