Bear Grylls: Born Survivor

Western Pacific

Series 5 - Episode 4 Western Pacific



Small crawling creatures of the world rejoice: in this episode, far from making a meal of any unfortunate insect that crosses his path, Bear almost becomes a snack himself. He’s being dropped from a helicopter near an uninhabited island in the Torres Strait, between Australia and Papua New Guinea: there’s positive glee in his voice as he enumerates the threats awaiting him in the water: “Tiger sharks, hammerheads, bull sharks, not to mention sting rays, moray eels and deadly jellyfish — got to love it, eh?” And it’s when he decides to cross over to a bigger island nearby that he and his poor cameraman find themselves encircled by sharks.

But frankly, this does seem one of Bear’s easier challenges: you know he’s struggling to find the habitual “ick” factor when he catches a good-sized lobster and the first bit he tucks into is, of course, the brain.


Bear is marooned on a desert island, and must brave 100ft drops, shark-infested waters and a crumbling volcanic cliff face.

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