Agatha Christie's Poirot

The Labours of Hercules

Series 13 - Episode 4 The Labours of Hercules



Agatha Christie’s The Labours of Hercules is a book of short stories and this adaptation is a faint version of just one that sees Poirot stranded by an avalanche in a strange Swiss mountain-top hotel.

He’s on the trail of a murderous jewel thief called Marrascaud while also helping to heal the broken heart of a handsome young chauffeur back in England who is pining for a lost love. It’s a muddled tale as Poirot (David Suchet), trapped with a handful of guests, all of whom have secrets of one kind or another (or course), digs into everyone’s psyches. It’s a jumble of stock characters – a dashing Englishman who tries a bit too hard to please, a mysterious Russian countess, a wildly melodramatic ballet dancer and her beady doctor (Simon Callow) and a prim Scottish mother and daughter. Everyone seems to be up to no good as they skulk around dark hallways…


The sleuth falls victim to depression after failing to prevent the murder of a society girl by notorious art thief Marrascaud. His confidence shattered, Poirot eventually returns to work when a lonely chauffeur begs him to find his missing soulmate, the maid of a famous Russian dancer. The investigation takes him to the Swiss Alps, where, against all odds, he stumbles upon a hotel thought to be Marrascaud's hideout - leading to a very personal showdown. The penultimate episode of the long-running detective drama, starring David Suchet, with Simon Callow, Orla Brady, Patrick Ryecart, Nigel Lindsay, Morven Christie, Tom Austen and Rupert Evans.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Countess Rossakoff Orla Brady
Dr Lutz Simon Callow
Elsie Clayton Morven Christie
Harold Waring Rupert Evans
Francesco Nigel Lindsay
Mrs Rice Sandy McDade
Katrina Fiona O'Shaughnessy
Alice Cunningham Eleanor Tomlinson
Sir Anthony Morgan Patrick Ryecart
Lucinda Le Mesurier Lorna Nickson Brown
Dr Burton Tom Chadbon
Ted Williams Tom Austen
Insp Lementeuil Nicholas McGaughey
Schwartz Tom Wlaschiha
Gustave Richard Katz
Chief Inspector Stephen Frost
Policewoman Isobel Middleton
Adapted By Guy Andrews
Director Andy Wilson
Producer David Boulter
Writer Agatha Christie
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