Body 21

Series 8 - Episode 4 Body 21



Feature-length episode. The team is approached by a group of survivors from a recent train crash, who want the members to uncover the reasons for the disaster. In the process investigators stumble upon another mystery, when one of the bodies pulled from the wreckage remains unidentified. With Emilia Fox, William Gaminara, Tom Ward, Amita Dhiri and Emma Cunniffe.

Cast & Crew

Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
Leo Dalton William Gaminara
Harry Cunningham Tom Ward
Diana Baker Amita Dhiri
Sarah Baker Simran Sandhu
Rosa Christie Emma Cunniffe
Sgt Paul Bradley Danny Webb
Joe Moss Sean Murray
William Gould Paul Hilton
Dr Bennett Cordelia Bugeja
Maj Mark Wiltshire Stephen Boxer
DI Freeman Shaun Parkes
Thomas Christie Colin Tierney
Luke Christie Sebastian Hurst-Palmer
Alice Christie Robyn Cooper
Katie Wiltshire Patricia Kerrigan
Maurice Garton Michael Webber
Delivery man Tony Bluto
Suzi Bradley Talisa Garcia
Director Douglas McKinnon
Producer Nick Pitt
Writer Michael Crompton
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