Strike Back: Shadow Warfare

Strike Back: Shadow Warfare

Series 4



You know where you stand with Strike Back. And where you stand is mostly in the middle of a big fireball, or a shootout. It’s an electric cattle-prod of a drama. Multi-layered scenes based on the subtle interplay of character, where the silences are as important as the dialogue – those don’t happen. Tonight, though, Martin Clunes does add a whole heap of class in his cameo as a world-weary intelligence broker in a panama hat. Suddenly we get real acting, with lines delivered and savoured. Then it’s back to the usual grunting, sweaty thrill-ride, which Strike Back delivers very, very well.


Following the missile hit on their ship, Scott, Stonebridge and the rest of the crew untangle themselves from the wreckage and swim to safety - but money launderer Leo Kamali has escaped, and as he was their only link to Al-Zuhari, it's back to the drawing board. Mossad agent Rebecca has a plan, orchestrating the heist of the Colombian stock exchange to pinpoint the location of their quarry's safe house. Meanwhile, Dalton is in Beirut, where she finally tracks down former MI6 agent Sebastian Gray, who has heard disturbing rumours about Al-Zuhari's deadly plot. Martin Clunes guest stars.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Michael Stonebridge Philip Winchester
Sgt Damien Scott Sullivan Stapleton
Maj Rachel Dalton Rhona Mitra
Lt Col Philip Locke Robson Green
Sgt Julia Richmond Michelle Lukes
DEA SA Kim Martinez Milauna Jackson
Rebecca Lyne Renee
Leo Kamali Zubin Varla
Sebastian Gray Martin Clunes
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