Series 10 - Episode 5 Schism



Feature-length episode. A teenage girl is found tortured to death at a London dogs' home, and it soon emerges another woman is being held by the culprits, who turn out to be a violent team of animal activists seeking to destroy an experimentation facility. However, the case becomes much more complicated when Nikki is kidnapped at gunpoint by the group leader.

Cast & Crew

Harry Cunningham Tom Ward
Leo Dalton William Gaminara
Nikki Alexander Emilia Fox
DCI Bob Mumford Paul Panting
Simon Traynor Jonny Phillips
Claire Ashen Jemima Rooper
Dr Harvey Wilson Nicholas Jones
Sylvia Clune Kate Lynn-Evans
Prof Lionel Clune Nicholas Le Prevost
Adrian Burney Joseph Mawle
Interrogator Jonathan Guy Lewis
Fenella Lee Antonia Campbell Hughes
Sir Peter Greenfield David de Keyser
Justine Finch Ella Jones
PC Fraser Caine Mark Weller
DI Merson Pete Ashmore
Michael Finch Brian Cowan
Amelia Brown Emma Shaw
Lydia Carpenter Dido Miles
Alan Garnett Andrew Havill
Roger Hewitt Damien Goodwin
Valerie Finch Lynsey Beauchamp
Receptionist Caroline Lord
Director Nicholas Renton
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Christian Spurrier
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