Man Down

Series 1 - Episode 3



However ridiculous it gets, Greg Davies’s sitcom keeps a foothold in reality. I love the way Dan’s mother laughs to herself at the very idea they might let Dan (Davies’s blundering clot of a hero) come anywhere near his niece’s birthday party. “Oh no dear, we want it to be a safe party!” she chuckles, much to his chagrin. Naturally, when Dan sets out to prove his trustworthiness, it backfires beautifully. Look out for good work from Dan’s friends this week, too: off-with-the-fairies Jo and brilliantly square Brian. The scene where Brian sponges his car to the strains of 80s slowdance classic Move Closer is a bonus.


Dan learns he hasn't been invited to his niece's birthday party, but is determined not to miss out, and tries to persuade his family he can be trusted with one of the big jobs to get the occasion ready. Will his dad revel in his son's failure yet again, or will Dan pull it off? Comedy, starring Greg Davies, with Rik Mayall, Deirdre Mullins, Roisin Conaty and Mike Wozniak.

Cast & Crew

Dan Greg Davies
Dad Rik Mayall
Jo Roisin Conaty
Brian Mike Wozniak
Mum Gwyneth Powell
Naomi Deirdre Mullins
Shakira Ashley McGuire
Daisy Sian Brooke
Lucy Verity Firth
Community support officer Stephen Morrison
Eyebrow lady Leila Farzad
Cafe kid Hayden Keeler-Stone
Director Matt Lipsey
Series Producer Spencer Millman
Writer Greg Davies
Writer Stephen Morrison
Writer Sian Harries
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