Agatha Christie's Poirot

Dead Man's Folly

Series 13 - Episode 3 Dead Man's Folly



Ah, the delights of an old-school 1930s fête in the sunlit gardens of a Devon country house. The marquees, the stalls, the lawns – "It is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the whole of England,” purrs Poirot. “It has about it the great peace and the great serenity."

The serenity will be shattered, of course, but first everyone at the house must meet Poirot and tell him their life stories. And there’s plenty of them (Sinéad Cusack, Rebecca Front and Sean Pertwee are among the guest stars), all damaged and troubled and part of an intricate puzzle that toys with us and the great detective. “Poirot, he has failed! Poirot is imbecile!” he cries in one of his spasms of exasperation.

And over it all there is a sense, stronger than usual, of the world as an inherently wicked place, of the clouds of war gathering and a society on its last legs – and perhaps the great detective, too.


The sleuth is reunited with old friend Ariadne Oliver, who has been commissioned to stage a game of murder hunt at a summer fete in the grounds of Nasse House, the recently purchased home of wealthy financier Sir George Stubbs. However, the novelist's instincts tell her she's getting involved in something much darker - and she's proved right when the girl volunteering to play the part of the victim really does turn out to be dead. Whodunit, starring David Suchet, with Zoe Wanamaker, Sean Pertwee, Martin Jarvis, Sam Kelly, Sinead Cusack, Rosalind Ayres and Tom Ellis.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Ariadne Oliver Zoe Wanamaker
Michael Weyman James Anderson
Mrs Warburton Rosalind Ayres
Mrs Folliat Sinead Cusack
Det Insp Bland Tom Ellis
Mrs Brewis Rebecca Front
Sally Legge Emma Hamilton
Capt Warburton Martin Jarvis
John Merdell Sam Kelly
Hattie Stubbs Stephanie Leonidas
Sir George Stubbs Sean Pertwee
Alec Legge Daniel Weyman
Det Sgt Hoskins Nicholas Woodeson
Bickford Chris Gordon
Henden Richard Dixon
Marlene Tucker Ella Geraghty
Etienne De Souza Elliot Barnes-Worrell
Gertie Tucker Angel Witney
Dutch girl hiker Francesca Zoutewelle
Adapted By Nick Dear
Director Tom Vaughan
Producer David Boulter
Writer Agatha Christie
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