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12 and a Half Angry Men

Series 11 - Episode 16 12 and a Half Angry Men

Wed 19 Aug 11:40pm - 12:10am ITV2


At one point during this pastiche of 12 Angry Men, Quagmire says to Peter, “Sometimes I think all you do is dick around.” But the problem here is the lack of dicking around. It's as if the writers' imaginations were constrained within the confines of the jury room. Family Guy is always about the cultural references, and the case of a mayoral aide being murdered in Mayor West's mansion echoes with the Phil Spector murder case, yet the whole story feels more like homage rather than irreverent parody. The highlight is Quagmire's re-creation of an orgy to disprove a witness's testimony – it's messy.


Mayor West becomes the prime suspect when a murder is committed at his mansion. All of the evidence seems to point squarely at him being the guilty party, but as his trial begins one of the jurors begins to doubt his guilt. Animated comedy, with the voices of Seth MacFarlane and Adam West.

Cast & Crew

Mayor Adam West Adam West
Chris Griffin Seth Green
Lois Griffin Alex Borstein
Meg Griffin Mila Kunis
Peter/Stewie/Brian/Quagmire Seth MacFarlane
Comedy Drama Sitcom