Midsomer Murders

Dead in the Water

Series 8 - Episode 2 Dead in the Water



Barnaby and Scott investigate when ladies' man and rowing club member Guy Sweetman is found dead in the river during the annual Midsomer Regatta. They soon discover the elite exterior of the club hides a world of money problems and sexual jealousy and the victim had a number of enemies who might have wanted him dead. Guest starring Olympic rower Steve Redgrave and Diana Quick.

Cast & Crew

DCI Tom Barnaby John Nettles
DS Daniel Scott John Hopkins
Scout Steve Redgrave
Clare Bonavita Diana Quick
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark
Cully Barnaby Laura Howard
Dr Bullard Barry Jackson
Phillip Trent Adrian Lukis
John Parkway William Scott-Masson
Guy Sweetman Benedict Blythe
Hettie Trent Clemmie Burton-Hill
Vic Lynton Mark Frost
Henry Charlton Owain Yeoman
Ivan Hawkins Sean Baker
Mrs Sharp Janet Brown
Freddie Bonavita Jack Klaff
David Cooke Joe Armstrong
Mr Stevens Christopher Mellows
Mrs Stevens Sandra Duncan
Sandra Tate Emma Amos
Director Renny Rye
Executive Producer Brian True-May
Producer Brian True-May
Writer Douglas Watkinson
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