Midsomer Murders

Blue Herrings

Series 3 - Episode 2 Blue Herrings



Barnaby visits his Aunt Alice, who is recovering from an operation at a nursing home, and finds himself in the middle of a mystery. A resident has been found dead and the official verdict is a heart attack, but as rumours of fraud and deception abound, Alice's friend believes someone may have conspired to commit murder.

Cast & Crew

DCI Tom Barnaby John Nettles
Sgt Gavin Troy Daniel Casey
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark
Cully Barnaby Laura Howard
Alice Bly Phyllis Calvert
William Smithers Nigel Davenport
Arthur Prewitt Geoffrey Bayldon
Mungo Mortimer Colin Tierney
Dr Clive Warnford Clive Wood
Sister Lovelace Carolyn Pickles
Hilary Richards Deborah Findlay
Murial Harrap Matyelok Gibbs
Madge Fielding Georgine Anderson
Cyril Toft Sam Beazley
Miss Laybourse Daphne Goddard
Nurse Barltett Miranda Kingsley
Nurse O'Casey Mali Harries
Florist Caroline John
Shop assistant Sarah Ball
Jeweller Cyril Shaps
Landlord Arthur Cox
Hotel receptionist Katherine Tozer
Waiter David Killick
Director Peter Smith
Executive Producer Brian True-May
Producer Peter Cregeen
Writer Hugh Whitemore
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