Shackleton: Death or Glory

Escaping the Ice

Series 1 - Episode 1 Escaping the Ice



Wanted: six young men willing to eat nothing but stringy beef, lard and walnuts while re-creating the most perilous survival mission in exploration history. While you might not be too keen to meet anyone who answered this call in real life, on television, they’re captivating.

Battling 6m-high waves in a replica of Ernest Shackleton’s 22.5ft sailing boat, the explorers deteriorate rapidly – and not just because they can’t stomach the grub. An electrical fault cuts all emergency contact with their safety vessel, just as an Antarctic storm thumps against the juddering wooden hull. You’re left with a frighteningly real sense of the isolation Shackleton’s men must have experienced, as they slipped away from Elephant Island into the ferocious South Atlantic.


Polar explorer Tim Jarvis embarks on a mission to discover the story behind one of history's most famous survival stories - Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition.