Person of Interest

The Contingency

Series 2 - Episode 1 The Contingency

Tomorrow 5pm - 6pm Sony Crime Channel


Reese discovers more about how the supercomputer works, but becomes frustrated when it fails to track down Finch, who is being held hostage by Root. He tries to get Carter to investigate Alicia Colwyn's death, unaware that other forces are working against him, while the machine leads him to the doorstep of a criminal at the mercy of Aryan gangsters. Starring Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Amy Acker.

Cast & Crew

John Reese Jim Caviezel
Harold Finch Michael Emerson
Lionel Fusco Kevin Chapman
Joss Carter Taraji P Henson
Caroline Turing/Root Amy Acker
Leon Pao Ken Leung
Pennsylvania Two Jay O Sanders
Director Richard J Lewis
Executive Producer JJ Abrams
Executive Producer Ben Brafman
Executive Producer Bryan Burk
Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan
Executive Producer Greg Plageman
Executive Producer David Semel
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