Series 2 - Episode 2 Signals



When Veep is as quick, frantic and vicious as it is tonight, it makes other comedies feel decaffeinated by comparison. Given that it is written, directed and produced by Brits, the show does a sensational job of imbuing Washington back-biting (and, to be fair, front-biting) with the sweary energy of The Thick of It while never feeling un-American. Tonight’s main story involves vice-president Selina Meyer attending a pig-pickin’ festival in North Carolina. “Sounds classy,” notes an aide. “Will Kate Middleton be there?”


The president sends Selina to represent him at a hog roast in North Carolina, where she absent-mindedly gives a live TV broadcast in which she voices her support for Israel and the Jewish people while eating a pork sandwich. Back in the capital, Mike buys a hideous jeep and reveals he is more than $100,000 in debt, Amy uses her father's stay in hospital as an excuse to dodge her responsibilities and Dan starts to stalk White House strategist Kent Davison.

Cast & Crew

Selina Meyer Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Amy Brookheimer Anna Chlumsky
Gary Walsh Tony Hale
Dan Egan Reid Scott
Jonah Ryan Timothy Simons
Mike McLintock Matt Walsh
Sue Wilson Sufe Bradshaw
Kent Davison Gary Cole
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