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Turban Cowboy

Series 11 - Episode 15 Turban Cowboy



Peter Griffin becomes a Muslim. There’s a sentence to strike terror into the heart of any Fox TV executive.  Perhaps inevitably the kindly Muslim that Peter befriends in hospital (after being injured in a skydiving accident) does turn out to be a terrorist. 

But if you’re expecting lots of bad taste jokes and near-the-knuckle humour, you’ll be surprised: there’s a real feeling of restraint. There is even a cringeworthy moment when they shoehorn in a “not all Muslims are terrorists” speech. And while a lot of the humour is based on pointing up stereotypes, there are still enough laugh-out-loud gags to keep things ticking over, like Peter’s Islamic expression of amazement, “OMA!”. 


An unfortunate sky-diving accident leaves Peter in hospital, where he meets a man named Mahmoud. However, Quagmire and Joe are suspicious of the charismatic newcomer's motives, especially when Peter unexpectedly converts to Islam and is given a free mobile phone. Animated comedy, featuring the guest voice of Omid Abtahi.

Cast & Crew

Peter/Stewie/Brian/Quagmire Seth MacFarlane
Lois Griffin Alex Borstein
Chris Griffin Seth Green
Meg Griffin Mila Kunis
Joe Swanson Patrick Warburton
Mahmoud Omid Abtahi
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Comedy Drama Sitcom