Agatha Christie's Poirot

The Big Four

Series 13 - Episode 2 The Big Four



The end is almost upon us. Time’s winged chariot is looking for a parking space and the choir invisible is clearing its throat in readiness for the last of Poirot.

Thus we embark with the little Belgian detective in the first of his, and David Suchet’s, final quartet of stories, though as The Big Four opens it appears that the Grim Reaper has caught up with Poirot prematurely when his old friends unite for his funeral. In flashback this curious, sometimes opaque tale (adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel by Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard) unfolds and we learn that a sinister organisation, The Big Four, is fomenting fear and trepidation as the world rumbles towards a second war. Innuendo and suggestion about who is involved swirl in the air, fanned by a persistent reporter and some strange messages written on a handful of playing cards.


The sleuth is reunited with sidekick Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser), secretary Miss Lemon (Pauline Moran) and Inspector Japp (Philip Jackson) in a case that plunges him into the world of global espionage as the Second World War looms. The public are in panic after the shocking death of Russian grandmaster Ivan Savaranoff during a game of chess. Poirot must try to determine the good guys from the bad in a complex plot that sees the main figures used like pawns. David Suchet stars in a story adapted by Mark Gatiss and Ian Hallard.

Cast & Crew

Hercule Poirot David Suchet
Asst Comm Japp Philip Jackson
Capt Hastings Hugh Fraser
Miss Lemon Pauline Moran
Madame Olivier Patricia Hodge
Abe Ryland James Carroll Jordan
Dr Quentin Simon Lowe
Flossie Monro Sarah Parish
Tysoe Tom Brooke
Savaranoff Michael Culkin
Insp Meadows Nicholas Burns
Jonathan Whalley Peter Symonds
Mrs Andrews Barbara Kirby
Robert Grant Alex Palmer
Stephen Paynter Steven Pacey
Diana Paynter Teresa Banham
Gerald Paynter Jack Farthing
George David Yelland
Ingles Nick Day
Mabel Lou Broadbent
Adapted By Mark Gatiss
Adapted By Ian Hallard
Director Peter Lydon
Producer David Boulter
Writer Agatha Christie
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