The Bodies in the Book

Series 2 - Episode 15 The Bodies in the Book



A body is found at the marina with its face eaten by crabs - making Brennan worried because the murder is replicated directly from her latest novel. The arrest of the prime suspect raises hopes that the killings will stop, but they continue and the search goes on for the copycat murderer. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz star.

Cast & Crew

Dr Temperance `Bones' Brennan Emily Deschanel
Seeley Booth David Boreanaz
Angela Montenegro Michaela Conlin
Zack Addy Eric Millegan
Dr Jack Hodgins TJ Thyne
Dr Daniel Goodman Jonathan Adams
Special Agent Tim Sullivan Eddie McClintock
Dr Camille Saroyan Tamara Taylor
Director Craig Ross Jr
Writer Karine Rosenthal
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