Strike Back: Shadow Warfare

Strike Back: Shadow Warfare

Series 4



“It’s our dirty little secret… this is great f***ing fun!” says renegade SAS man Leatherby (Dougray Scott) as he faces off on a Beirut rooftop to our Section 20 heroes Stonebridge and Scott. He could be talking about the audience for this occasionally unlikely, but thoroughly entertaining action drama.

Guns are blazing throughout this week’s episode as Leatherby kidnaps CIA man Kamali’s teenage daughter, forcing the team into Hezbollah territory to retrieve her, while Dalton (Rhona Mitra) tries to extract vital information from a hostage. But is torture really the right way to go about it?

And a new arrival is going to send our boys into a fresh field of battle. Time for a scenery change…


When Letherby attacks Kamali's home and kidnaps his teenage daughter Esther, Stonebridge, Scott and the team immediately try to track him down and find a weakness they can exploit. Meanwhile, Locke tries to take Kamali's mind off the entire situation by setting him the mission of finding Dalton. Military action drama, starring Rhona Mitra, Zubin Varla and Robson Green.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Michael Stonebridge Philip Winchester
Sgt Damien Scott Sullivan Stapleton
Maj Rachel Dalton Rhona Mitra
Lt Col Philip Locke Robson Green
Sgt Julia Richmond Michelle Lukes
DEA SA Kim Martinez Milauna Jackson
Rebecca Lyne Renee
Leo Kamali Zubin Varla
James Leatherby Dougray Scott
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