Series 2 - Episode 5 Helsinki



The vice-president’s effort at a satirical song is still causing offence in Europe, which is unfortunately where she’s headed, on a trip to Helsinki. There, Dan struggles to perform goofy Mike’s usual duties as press spokesman, while back in the West Wing, Mike himself is out of his depth on the polling team: “It’s like a math prison,” he moans down the phone. “They rape you with numbers.” But Selina herself is about to experience a nasty sexual incident, prompting a nuclear response from Gary. Look out for Sally Phillips as the Finnish Prime Minister and a nasty reporter played by Ian Martin, who wrote the episode.


Selina is accompanied by Amy, Gary and Dan on a visit to Helsinki to build bridges with the Finnish prime minister, whose sleazy husband gropes Selina at a cocktail reception. Back in DC, Mike and Jonah make a disastrous attempt to put out a political fire ignited by the hostage situation when it transpires that one of the captives freed by a military operation was actually an American spy. Guest starring Sally Phillips.

Cast & Crew

Selina Meyer Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Amy Brookheimer Anna Chlumsky
Gary Walsh Tony Hale
Dan Egan Reid Scott
Jonah Ryan Timothy Simons
Mike McLintock Matt Walsh
Sue Wilson Sufe Bradshaw
Kent Davison Gary Cole
Mina Houkenen Sally Phillips
Osmo Houkenen Dave Foley
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