A Power Move

Series 2 - Episode 5 A Power Move



Boden finds his career hanging in the balance as his attempts to protect his staff from budget cuts are rebuffed by Gail's threats - forcing him to consider early retirement. The team members are angry enough at the thought of losing their boss, so when they pinpoint a suspect for Gail's informant, they waste no time letting the firefighter in question know what they think of them. Despite leading the manhunt at the station, Hermann isn't quite so confident at the bar when Arthur continues to dip his fingers into the till, and Shay is blossoming into a social butterfly.

Cast & Crew

Matthew Casey Jesse Spencer
Kelly Severide Taylor Kinney
Gabriela Dawson Monica Raymund
Leslie Shay Lauren German
Peter Mills Charlie Barnett
Gail McLeod Michelle Forbes
Christopher Herrmann David Eigenberg
Otis Yuri Sardarov
Cruz Joe Minoso
Randy `Mouch' McHolland Christian Stolte
Wallace Boden Eamonn Walker
Ben Darden Charlie Babbo
Grifin Darden John Babbo
Devon Vedette Lim
Pam Kiley Moore
Isabella Mena Suvari
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