The Show Must Go Off

Series 8 - Episode 12 The Show Must Go Off



One of the better episodes from 2003, The Show Must Go Off features a guest turn from Derek Jacobi who plays Jackson Hedley, a Shakespearean actor Frasier and Niles idolised as youngsters. Hedley’s given up the stage and is reduced to playing an android in a TV show, so the brothers decide to revive his career for him. Jacobi hams it up beautifully, as you’d expect, and won an Emmy for his performance. He later joked, “Doing Shakespeare badly comes naturally to me!”

There’s also an amusing bonus cameo from Patrick Macnee as Hedley Snr who shamelessly flirts with Roz and professes he much prefers the musical Cats to the Bard.


The brothers agree to produce a one-man show for a washed-up Shakespearean actor they idolised as children, but discover his talent has completely deserted him, and set out to save face with a spot of kidnapping. With guest stars Derek Jacobi and Patrick Macnee.

Cast & Crew

Cecil Hedley Patrick Macnee
Dr Niles Crane David Hyde Pierce
Daphne Moon Jane Leeves
Martin Crane John Mahoney
Dr Frasier Crane Kelsey Grammer
Jackson Hedley Derek Jacobi
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