Going Under

Series 24 - Episode 29 Going Under



Following an armed robbery on an antiques shop, Jack agrees to go undercover to nail the dealer responsible for selling the goods - a rogue called Roy Summers, who killed a police officer some years ago and walked free from court on a technicality. The sting goes wrong when Jack loses touch with his back-up team and faces a stern test of his expertise in bric-a-brac. Michael N Harbour guest stars.

Cast & Crew

DCI Jack Meadows Simon Rouse
DI Sam Nixon Lisa Maxwell
DC Mickey Webb Chris Simmons
DS Stuart Turner Doug Rao
DS Ronnie Mayhew Rufus Wright
Arran Palmer Alex Palmer
Roy Summers Michael N Harbour
Isabel Edgar Tracy Brabin
William Edgar Harry Culverhouse
Fiona Semple Charlotte Avery
Anthony Howell Chris Brazier
Phil Agombar David Barnaby
PC Tony Stamp Graham Cole
PC Nate Roberts Ben Richards
Supt John Heaton Daniel Flynn
Director Roberto Bangura
Producer Andrea Sapsford
Writer Doug Milburn
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