Series 3 - Episode 6



Richard begins to rub the management up the wrong way, first by getting the staff to attend a workshop designed to improve their performance, and then by authorising the construction of a trendy `breakout zone' - or rest room for everyone else. That proves the last straw for Gavin, who immediately puts in a call to Head Office. But will it do him any good? Julie and Anna form a bond to control the builders, and after Colin forgets Lisa's birthday, he tasks Leighton with finding the perfect present.

Cast & Crew

Julie Jane Horrocks
Andy Mark Addy
Gavin Jason Watkins
Margaret Rita May
Kieran Nick Blood
Katie Chanel Cresswell
Leighton Joel Fry
Linda Faye McKeever
Sue Lorraine Cheshire
Colin Carl Rice
Lisa Beverly Rudd
Sharon Josephine Enright
Neville Dominic Coleman
Richard France Chris Geere
Ray Adeel Akhtar
Dave Danny Kirrane
Anna Elizabeth Bower
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