Nobody Likes Me

Series 6 - Episode 4 Nobody Likes Me



Appearing in a highly popular drama series alongside a cast of much-loved actors would be enough to give most performers a dose of paralysing stage fright. But baby James Ellingham isn’t fazed at all (well, to be accurate, all eight babies who play him). He plays up to the camera beautifully, stealing every single scene. The little ’un is a perfect foil to Martin Clunes’s cantankerous GP who, it turns out, is not the only grump in the village. Ruth’s neighbour Mr Moysey (Ronald Pickup) is just as antisocial and ill-tempered.

“Come back in five days,” the doctor tells him abruptly after a brief medical examination. “What happens if I drop dead before then?” snaps Mr Moysey. “We’ll cancel the appointment.”

The humour of Doc Martin isn’t subtle and the storylines are either sledgehammer-obvious or ludicrous to the point of surreal, but I laughed out loud more times watching this than I have at many so-called comedies.


Louisa wants Martin to engage more with James, so she arranges for him to take their baby to playgroup, where he has to pair up with a mother and daughter and sing songs. Meanwhile, Al signs up to a dating website, Bert is suspicious when he catches Jennifer in the bathroom with a needle, and Ruth moves into a cottage in the village, but soon has trouble with a grumpy new neighbour (Ronald Pickup).

Cast & Crew

Dr Martin Ellingham Martin Clunes
Louisa Glasson Caroline Catz
Ruth Ellingham Eileen Atkins
Bert Large Ian McNeice
Al Large Joe Absolom
PC Joe Penhale John Marquez
Morwenna Newcross Jessica Ransom
Mike Pruddy Felix Scott
Jennifer Cardew Annabelle Apsion
John Moysey Ronald Pickup
Mrs Eddy Vilma Hollingbery
Millie Elaine Claxton
Trace Alana Ramsey
Janice Katie Moore
Ethel Carol Macready
Elderly woman Vivien Keene
Director Paul Seed
Executive Producer Mark Crowdy
Producer Philippa Braithwaite
Writer Charlie Martin
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Drama Comedy