Series 4 - Episode 2



It’s fitting that Steve Pemberton is one of the stars of Whitechapel, as it often feels like an extended League of Gentlemen episode – the cavalcade of grotesques, the knowing nods to the history of horror, both real and imagined, and the black humour. There’s a muffled, rasping figure haunting the streets of Whitechapel, bumping off members of the public in the manner of real-life 17th century “Witchfinder General” Matthew Hopkins.

It’s a delightfully nutty story with some genuine scares and a pervading sense of wickedness that’s even creeping up on the usually phlegmatic, sceptical DS Ray Miles (Phil Davis). He’s badly spooked by echoing footsteps in the melancholy corridors of Whitechapel police station. Prepare to shiver.


Part two of two. A connection to a 16th-century murder seems to confirm someone is killing witches in Whitechapel. Chandler is on the case, but is there a malign influence at work within the team? The police station itself appears to pulsate with unexplained phenomena and even the usually hard-bitten Miles starts to ask questions. Crime thriller, starring Rupert Penry-Jones, Phil Davis and Steve Pemberton.

Cast & Crew

DI Joseph Chandler Rupert Penry-Jones
DS Ray Miles Phil Davis
Edward Buchan Steve Pemberton
DC Emerson Kent Sam Stockman
DC Finley Mansell Ben Bishop
DC Megan Riley Hannah Walters
Dr Caroline Llewellyn Claire Rushbrook
Cecilia Cade Georgine Anderson
Dorothy Cade Deddie Davies
Lee Bysack Jake Curran
Igor Damian Dudkiewicz
Cherry Thrapston Mary Roscoe
Crispin Wingfield Brian Protheroe
John Washington William Beck
Louise Iver Angela Pleasence
Stella Knight Daisy Beaumont
Nick Hempstead Leemore Marrett Jr
Doctor Janine Wood
Director Jon East
Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle
Producer Patrick Schweitzer
Writer Ben Court
Writer Caroline Ip
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