What Remains

Series 1 - Episode 3



Poor, dead Melissa. What a lonely life she once led in her top-floor eyrie in that forbidding, Bates Motel-looking suburban house. As the third episode of this gripping thriller opens, we flash back to the woman whose dusty corpse will eventually be found in the attic, as she sits, winsome and alone in front of a candle-lit meal. It looks like she’s waiting for someone…

As we peek behind all of those grubby front doors in that unprepossessing building, seething emotions come tipping out. All of Melissa’s neighbours’ lives touched on hers in many ways, most of them bad, and as shambling ex-cop Len Harper (David Threlfall) trails up and down stairs, he starts to get a picture of existences darkened by anger and jealousy. Thuggish Michael (Russell Tovey) is plotting revenge on his hated former maths teacher, while journalist Kieron (Steven Mackintosh) shows us another side.


Len begins to uncover the truth about the fragile lives of the residents of No 8 and it seems he has really made headway when it turns out that one of them had an intimate relationship with Melissa. But before he can go any further, the retired detective is rocked by a personal tragedy, leaving Vidya and Patricia to follow up this new lead. Mystery drama, starring David Threlfall, Claudie Blakley, Amber Rose Revah and Russell Tovey.

Cast & Crew

Len Harper David Threlfall
Adam Moss Alexander Arnold
Joe Sellers David Bamber
Patricia Claudie Blakley
Liz Fletcher Denise Gough
Melissa Young Jessica Gunning
Peggy Scott Victoria Hamilton
Kieron Moss Steven Mackintosh
Alice Yapp Lisa Millett
Vidya Khan Amber Rose Revah
Michael Jenson Russell Tovey
Elaine Markham Indira Varma
Jerry Harper Daniel Godward
Peri Martha Mackintosh
Alex Harper Ziggy Heath
Yvette Parkes Katie Kerr
Mrs Kemp Lindy Whiteford
Masie Buffy Davis
Director Coky Giedroyc
Producer Grainne Marmion
Writer Tony Basgallop
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