Young Gods

Series 3 - Episode 3 Young Gods



A group of teenagers from an adventure centre are partying on a Northumberland beach when their fun is interrupted by a screaming man who’s on fire from top to toe. He pitches into the sea and his blackened body is later laid before dogged detective Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn). It’s an unpleasant sight and a nasty death that haunts the usually jovial, jokey pathologist Billy (Paul Ritter).

Vera’s investigations reveal that the victim won’t be much missed, and not just because he was an investment banker. He was a brilliant, athletic man with a gift for making money, but he left damaged people in his wake. Again, there are elements to the inquiry – including a chance meeting with an old friend – that nudge Vera’s memory about her less than happy childhood.


The detective delves into the past of extreme sports enthusiast Gideon Frane after he plunges from a cliff in a ball of flames. A scan of the files reveals a long list of stalking complaints against an ex, and an anonymous letter to the victim spelling out Burn in Hell is linked to one of her friends. Aided by DC Shepherd and the newly appointed DC Edwards, the team tries to track down Gideon's old gang to uncover a lifetime of bullying and an unexpected story of rough justice.

Cast & Crew

DCI Vera Stanhope Brenda Blethyn
DS Joe Ashworth David Leon
Billy Cartwright Paul Ritter
DC Kenny Lockhart Jon Morrison
Dr Vivienne Ripman Maureen Beattie
Ronald Devreux Kenneth Colley
Mary Culvert Matilda Ziegler
Ruthie Culvert Rebecca Benson
DC Rebecca Shepherd Clare Calbraith
Sister Benedict Rita Davies
Izzy Rawlins Jodie Comer
Jim McKinnon Curtis Flowers
DC Mark Edwards Riley Jones
Jamie Levinson Mark Quartley
Kit O'Dowd Kevin Trainor
Sister Claire Pippa Bennett-Warner
David Gilloway Ben Addis
Gideon Frane Darragh Horgan
Ruben Culvert Luke Edgar
Isaac Culvert Oliver Edgar
Cafe owner Simon Banks
Ruthie's friend Matthew Parks
Director Dusan Lazarevic
Executive Producer Elaine Collins
Producer Margaret Mitchell
Writer Gaby Chiappe
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