Peaky Blinders

Series 1 - Episode 4



Annabelle Wallis is terrific as Irish-barmaid-cum-police-spy Grace and her slow-burn storyline smoulders nicely – as does she. “You have something I need: class,” gang leader Tommy (Cillian Murphy) tells her in one scene this week, and you see his point.

At some stage we feel sure that she and Tommy will become romantically entwined; then she will have to decide whether to betray him to her real boss, Inspector Campbell (Sam Neill). Until then, they can flash their cheekbones at each other and flirt across the pub tables.

But Tommy has more pressing concerns than flirting: the Lees are on the warpath; his sister is carrying communist Freddie’s baby; and now his brother wants to marry someone equally unsuitable, of whom aunt Polly says pointedly, “Lizzie Stark never did a day’s work vertical...” But Peaky Blinders’ plotting doesn’t always do what we expect, as a quirky turn in tonight’s episode shows.


The war with the Lees escalates when they ransack the Shelbys' betting shop, while John reveals he intends to remarry, but his choice of bride does not go down well with his family. Chief Inspector Campbell puts more pressure on Thomas to deliver Freddie Thorne and the crate of stolen guns to him, while Grace begins to glean more information about the Peaky Blinders' illegal operations.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Shelby Cillian Murphy
Insp Chester Campbell Sam Neill
Aunt Polly Helen McCrory
Arthur Shelby Paul Anderson
Freddie Thorne Iddo Goldberg
Grace Burgess Annabelle Wallis
Ada Shelby Sophie Rundle
John Shelby Joe Cole
Roberts David Dawson
Jeremiah Jesus Benjamin Zephaniah
Billy Kimber Charlie Creed-Miles
Stanley Chapman John Paul Hurley
Erasmus Nigel Travis
Scudboat Kevin Metcalfe
Finn Shelby Alfie Evans-Meese
Johnny Dogs Packy Lee
Zilpha Lee Therese Bradley
Sgt Moss Tony Pitts
Lizzie Natasha O'Keeffe
Curly Ian Peck
Esme Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Director Tom Harper
Producer Katie Swinden
Writer Steven Knight
Writer Stephen Russell
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