Alia's College

Series 2 - Episode 1 Alia's College



When the first series stirred controversy some commentators pointed out that treating Muslims as part of the cultural scenery by subjecting them to an old-school domestic sitcom was a kind of flattery. It might be more flattering if the comedy was better. Adil Ray’s clumsily self-important “community leader” is a great character but the series rhythms are painfully dated, an effortful farce that relies on jokes about farting in the bath and tempting granny off her armchair with biscuits.

In this episode, Khan has to make a good impression on one daughter’s would-be bridesmaid as well as the other daughter’s potential headmaster – a creaking recipe for disaster. But occasionally a joke carries some weight: “We Pakistanis don’t have bridesmaids,” observes Khan at one point, “In our culture, your bride becomes your maid – your housemaid, chambermaid, teasmaid...”


Return of the comedy about a self-appointed community leader in Sparkhill, Birmingham. Mrs Khan lays down the law when Alia fails her exams, telling her husband to sign up their daughter at the Muslim Academy. But when he finds out how much it costs, he decides there's a better option. Adil Ray, Shobu Kapoor, Maya Sondhi and Bhavna Limbachia star.

Cast & Crew

Mr Khan Adil Ray
Mrs Khan Shobu Kapoor
Shazia Khan Maya Sondhi
Alia Khan Bhavna Limbachia
Amjad Malik Abdullah Afzal
Mrs Malik Harvey Virdi
Riaz Nish Nathwani
Omar Felix Dexter
Naani Adlyn Ross
Keith Phil Nice
Professor Stevens James Fleet
Debbie Laura Aikman
Matt Rob Kendrick
Director Ben Gosling Fuller
Executive Producer Mark Freeland
Producer Catherine Gosling Fuller
Writer Anil Gupta
Writer Richard Pinto
Writer Adil Ray
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