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The Sins of the Father

Series 10 - Episode 3 The Sins of the Father



Brian Lane’s life is in a mess. Professionally he’s detonated a timebomb that will end his career (secretly taping a Met police commander’s confession about a dead prisoner) and personally he has a son who wants nothing to do with his unreliable dad.

As life outside UCOS looks a distinct possibility, Brian (Alun Armstrong) has to take stock – what will he do with himself if he’s no longer one of the New Tricksters? There’s still a case to solve, but it could be Brian’s swansong. A man jailed 16 years ago for murdering his wife is freed and Gerry (Dennis Waterman), who worked on the original investigation, is furious, feeling that his reputation as a good copper is on the line. He knows he got the right man all of those years ago. Prepare to be rocked when Gerry does a Tommy Cooper impression. It’s terrible.


The team reopens the 16-year-old case of an infamous getaway driver convicted of murdering his wife when new evidence suggests it could have been a miscarriage of justice. But Gerry, who was on the original investigation, refuses to believe the prisoner is anything but guilty. Meanwhile, Brian is in a reflective mood, convinced his days at Ucos are numbered after his actions against former police commander Embleton. Alun Armstrong, Dennis Waterman and Denis Lawson star as the veteran coppers, with Amanda Redman as their boss.

Cast & Crew

Brian Lane Alun Armstrong
Steve McAndrew Denis Lawson
Sandra Pullman Amanda Redman
Gerry Standing Dennis Waterman
DAC Robert Strickland Anthony Calf
Scott Bunce Gerard Horan
Esther Lane Susan Jameson
Lizzie Bunce Georgina Rich
DCI Michael Flemming Kevin Pallister
Murray Blaker Michael Fitzgerald
Mark Lane James Schlesinger
Steffan King Jimmy Gallagher
Director Metin Huseyin
Producer Tom Mullens
Writer Michael Crompton
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